“First Ever Australian Poseidon Jet in La Réunion: What You Need to Know”

For the first time, the P-8A Poseidon, a maritime patrol , has been dispatched by to the La Réunion. Australia has chosen this location due to its strategic position in the Indian Ocean, which allows an increased focus on the strategic implications within the region. This deployment forms an integral part of Australia's strategy to enhance cooperation and to expand regional knowledge of its maritime domain.

The AUKUS Pact and Submarine Acquisition

The Royal Australian Navy has initiated a plan to procure 8 nuclear-powered submarines. This purchase falls under the , which involves the United States and the United Kingdom. The Australian government has dedicated billion to the British industry as a commitment towards the creation of the submarine program under the acronym SSN-AUKUS.

In the course of action, the construction of these submarines has been assigned to BAE Systems and ASC Pty Ltd. A part of the construction will be carried out in Australia. Australia's Defence Minister, Richard Marles, has voiced his confidence in the successful completion of the project.

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Cancellation of Previous Submarine Order

The Australian government had earlier placed an order for twelve Shortfin Barracuda submarines from the French Naval Group. Nevertheless, this order was annulled in favor of the more advantageous AUKUS pact.

Welcoming Deployment

Recently, an Australian P-8A Poseidon and a C-17 Globemaster III from the Royal Australian Air Force arrived at the 181 “Lieutenant Roland Garros” airbase in La Réunion. The airbase, which had previously hosted the P-8I Poseidon of the Indian Navy as per an agreement between Paris and New Delhi, will now serve as the base for the newly deployed aircraft. The aircraft will carry out coordinated maritime surveillance operations in collaboration with French forces.

Boosting Bilateral Relations

Last December, a plan was put into motion to enhance bilateral relations between Paris and Canberra. This plan incorporated reciprocal access to facilities. The initial deployment of an Australian P-8A Poseidon in La Réunion has been dubbed as a “great success”.

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