How an EU Grant Skyrockets Nexter’s Modular Charges Production!

Nexter, a leading producer of modular charges for 155mm shells, is set to increase its production capacity significantly, thanks to an EU grant. This exciting development comes as the demand for modular charges is on the rise due to the ongoing in .

Understanding the Artillery Ammunition

ammunition is usually made up of several components, including a shell, a rocket, a firing device, and at least one modular charge. A modular charge is a critical component, with propellant powder being a necessary part of its manufacturing process.

Boosting Production of Modular Charges

Back in July 2020, Nexter was producing around 1000 155mm shells per month and had placed an order for 70,000 modular charges with Eurenco to meet the requirements of the French army. Fast forward to the present and the company is all set to ramp up its production capacity, no doubt fueled by 's commitment to supply 3000 shells per month to the Ukrainian army. This goal necessitates a significant increase in the production of propellant powder.

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ASAP Plan in Action

The EU Commission has stepped in to support this effort with a generous subsidy to Nexter, as part of the ASAP [Act in Support of Ammunition Production] plan. With a fund of 500 million euros, this plan aims to increase European ammunition production capacity to a staggering 2 million shells per year by the end of 2025.

A total of 41 million euros has been released to increase explosive powder production. This fund has been distributed among Nexter, Norwegian Nammo, and Lithuanian Valsts Aizsardzibas Korporacija.

The Impact of the Grant

The generous ASAP grant will enable Nexter and its Italian subsidiary SIMMEL DIFESA, along with their partners, to significantly increase their propellant powder production capacity. This will in turn allow Nexter to increase its annual modular charge production capacity from 50,000 to a whopping 400,000 within just three years.

Notably, Nexter has already seen significant growth – it has doubled its artillery ammunition production capacity and tripled the capacity of its CAESAr [Truck equipped with an artillery system].

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The impact of the grant doesn't stop at production numbers, either. It's also set to help “anchor the support for the Ukrainian in the long term”, providing a real and tangible boost to those on the ground.

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