The Hidden Truth Behind US Air Force’s New Strategy

The Hidden Truth Behind Us Air Force's New Strategy

The US Air Force is planning a strategic move – the refueling of the retired F-117A Nighthawk by the KC-46A Pegasus, a project in progress and expected to be completed by March’s end. The KC-46A Pegasus, a product of Boeing, is currently certified to fuel 97% of the US military aircraft. Although the F-117A Nighthawk … Read more

Exposed! The Uncertain Future of France’s Air Force

Exposed! The Uncertain Future Of France's Air Force

Get a peek into the future of French Air and Space Force’s tactical cargo routes. As plans for transport planes evolve, Airbus and Embraer battle for dominance as countries recalibrate their military strategies. France Reduces A400M Orders The French Air and Space Force initially intended to acquire 50 A400M “Atlas” transport planes, but the latest … Read more