Why France and Greece Shut Down Ukraine’s Turkish Drone Purchase

New reports indicate that and Greece have halted the procurement of Turkish for , initially intended to be financed by European funds.

The funds in question were said to originate from the European Peace Facility (EPF), a substantial 12 billion euro fund. This fund, paid for by member states based on their economic power, has previously been utilized to finance the assistance given to Ukraine by EU member states.

In the past, Estonia has faced backlash for dispatching outdated Soviet-era supplies to Ukraine while purchasing new equipment with EU finances. Germany, contributing a significant quarter of the EPF's budget, has expressed beliefs that the funding approach should transition, accounting for the direct aid extended to Kiev.

EPF Usage Controversy

France, Greece, and the Republic of Cyprus have publicly expressed that EPF funds should be strictly applied to procure munitions and military gear manufactured within the EU. In compliance with this stance, these nations reportedly vetoed the acquisition of TB-2 tactical drones from the Turkish company, Baykar.

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Turkish Drones and Ukraine

Baykar has been establishing a factory in Ukraine with the capacity to produce up to 120 drones annually. It is projected to open in 2025.

The TB-2 Ukrainian drones, prominently effective during the initial stages of the in Ukraine, are currently less utilized. This reduction in use is due to the drones' vulnerability to easy detection and jamming.

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