Is the Metaverse the Future of Military Recruitment?

The French Ministry of the has started exploring the use of the Metaverse for recruitment, specifically for roles that are in high demand.

The “Red Team” of the Innovation Agency surmises that the Metaverse, which is a shared 3D virtual space, could potentially become a battleground. As such, General Pierre Schill, in his new transformation plan, stresses on the necessity for preparedness in this sphere.

For the Ministry, the Metaverse is not just about potential confrontation, but also an opportunity. They believe it could be a valuable tool to facilitate recruitment, particularly when targeting digital-related specialties.

Metaverse Recruitment: An Experiment

To put their theory to test, the Ministry has launched a virtual space on the Decentraland platform. This experiment, taking place over three months, is designed to evaluate the feasibility of Metaverse recruitment.

The primary aim is to familiarize individuals aged between 18 and 35 with the military world and the job opportunities it offers. The experience is structured as a course that bridges three areas: youth, culture, and recruitment.

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Implementing this initiative is the work of the Delegation for Ministerial Transformation and Performance. They have been backed by the Defense Innovation Agency.

A Second Attempt

Notably, this is not the first-time a virtual environment has been used for recruitment by the . The French Navy had a similar initiative in 2007 with Second Life, a virtual world that was a forerunner to the Metaverse. However, it did not persist.

Obstacles Ahead?

Some doubt the likelihood of the experiment's success, citing the declining interest in the Metaverse, and the simultaneous rise of generative as potential hurdles. Nonetheless, the Ministry appears committed to navigating these and harnessing the recruitment potential of the Metaverse.

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