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Photo of the Day

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  • Dr. Pepper Cup Richland welcomes the world

    Richland College once again hosted the Dr Pepper Dallas Cup soccer tournament last week, with teams from all around the world competing. According to local soccer official Brandon Gardner, this year the tournament involved more than 200 teams, not only featuring international players, but international officials as well.

  • Aprial 8, 2014 T-Ducks in a walk-off win

    The Thunderducks won a nail-biter 10-9 against North Lake on Friday.

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  • Richland Steel Drum Band Steel band to perform Saturday

    Don't miss Saturday's Carnival of Steel Festival.

  • Draft Day Costner sports a substantial role

    He’s back! Yes, after some supporting turns in so-so flicks like Kenneth Branagh’s “Jack Ryan:  Shadow Recruit” as well as director McG’s “3 Days to Kill,” matinee idol Kevin Costner has his meat hooks in something substantial.   With his latest endeavor, director Ivan Reitman’s “Draft Day,” Costner returns again to a sports theme, this time the NFL and, more specifically, the Cleveland Browns.

  • "Jinn" "Jinn"

    Yet another suspense-fantasy thriller hits  the screens with the release of “Jinn,” directed by Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad, who obviously set up the story to come in multiple chapters.

  • Captain America: Winter Soldier ‘Winter Soldier’ delivers

    For me, “Captain America: The First Avenger” felt kind of flat.

  • Noah The one where Noah leaves the rock warlocks behind

    Two by two they came.

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