The Invasion You Haven’t Heard About: UK’s Massive Risk in Guyana

The Invasion You Haven't Heard About: Uk's Massive Risk In Guyana

The Royal Navy patrol vessel, HMS Trent, is set to embark on a significant mission in Guyana, a move seen by many as the UK’s strategic support for this former British colony. Located on the northern coast of South America, Guyana finds itself amidst escalating territorial disagreements with its neighboring country, Venezuela. The heart of … Read more

“Venezuela’s Move for Rich Essequibo: An audacious power play?”

Once the richest nation in South America, Venezuela is now bound by an economic crisis. The high poverty, decreased oil production, and high inflation rates that have resulted from the so-called “Bolivarian Revolution” initiated by Hugo Chavez and perpetuated by Nicolas Maduro demonstrate the harsh reality of the country’s situation. The Power Play in Venezuela … Read more