Is Moldova the Kremlin’s Next Target?

Is Moldova The Kremlin's Next Target

Transnistria, a predominantly Russian-speaking region of Moldova, has been vocal about its desire for Russia’s ‘protection’. The journey to this point started in 1991 when Transnistria chose to secede from Moldova following the latter’s independence, resulting in a territorial dispute. Stepping in as a mediator, Russia managed to resolve this conflict. As a part of … Read more

Behind the Burn: The Shocking Attack on Moldova’s CID NATO Revealed!

Behind The Burn: The Shocking Attack On Moldova's Cid Nato Revealed!

Recent events have set Moldova’s NATO Information Center, also known as CID NATO, in the spotlight as it fell victim to a suspected deliberate arson attack. This incident escalates the already strained relations between Moldova and its Transnistria region, a largely Russian-speaking area that declared independence back in 1991. Background on Transnistria and Moldova Relations … Read more