Shock Revelation: A New Hypersonic Missile Threatens our Seas!

Lockheed-Martin and CoAspire have joined forces to bring a new potential game-changer to the 's arsenal: Mako, a hypersonic missile. The Mako, designed for the F-35C, debuted at Maryland's Sea Air Space 2024 exhibition.

A Missile like No Other

The Mako is not your typical piece of ordnance. This missile boasts flight speeds greater than Mach 5, putting it firmly in the realm of hypersonic technology. Its exceptional speed is not all it brings to the table, however. According to Rick Roy of Lockheed-Martin, the Mako is a “high-performing and affordable multi-mission system”, suggesting a broad range of potential applications.

Versatile Launch Capabilities

Another noteworthy characteristic of the Mako is its versatile launch capabilities. It can be carried and launched by a variety of including the F-35, F-22, F-16, F-15, F-18 Super Hornet, and P-8A Poseidon. Remarkably, the Mako is not restricted to an airborne launch. The missile can also be launched from the surface, ground, or even underwater, providing a considerable tactical advantage.

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Unclear Future with the US Navy

Lockheed-Martin has clarified that the Mako is not associated with the HALO program. On a related note, CoAspire has stated on its website that it offers a “hypersonic missile solution accepted by the US Navy”, hinting at potential future considerations and funding opportunities. This indicates that while the Mako's immediate future with the US Navy is uncertain, it could still potentially serve a key role in future operations.

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