Denmark’s Revolutionary Move to Support Ukraine’s War Efforts!

is set to bolster 's arsenal. This move comes amidst Russia's aggressive grip over the previously Ukrainian city of Avdiivka and its burgeoning expenses.

Headed by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, Denmark has signaled the potential transfer of its artillery inventory to Ukraine. The announcement was made at the Munich Security Conference, further substantiating Denmark's intent of aiding Ukraine's war efforts against Russia.

Russia’s growing military expenditure

By 2024, Russia's military spending is projected to touch .5 billion, amounting to approximately 30% of its overall budget. The increased production of weapons and ammunition can be attributed to the country's transition into a “war economy”.

Stockpiling artillery: Russia vs Ukraine

Russia currently possesses a significant reserve of 152 mm shells, permitting a higher firing rate than Ukraine. On the other hand, the wear and tear of Ukraine's artillery is a notable issue. The country is heavily reliant on its Western partners for a steady supply of ammunition.

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Ukrainian ammunition requisition

Ukraine's request is primarily focused on ammunition. However, the US has been unable to provide additional support to Ukraine due to a lack of Congressional agreement on the proposed billion military aid. Simultaneously, European partners have yet to deliver on their promise made in March 2023 to produce one million 155 mm shells.

Denmark’s past and proposed assistance

In the past, Denmark has supplied nineteen CAESAr 8×8 [trucks bearing an artillery system] to Ukraine. Prime Minister Fredericksen, expressing dissatisfaction with the remaining ammunition stock in Europe, urges greater support for Ukraine. This sentiment echoes the call by Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, for European countries to restrict ammunition export to nations other than Ukraine.

Czech Republic’s support for Ukraine

Czech President Petr Paval has offered up to 500,000 155 mm shells and 300,000 122 mm shells to Kiev. The financial resources required for this deal are to be furnished by Denmark, the , and Canada. Lastly, the Czech Republic will be responsible for transporting the equipment and ammunition to Ukraine.

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