The Shocking Truth: Why France Hastens CAESAr Production

Nexter, a French manufacturer, is boosting the production of the CAESAr, a truck outfitted with a 155mm artillery system. The French Army received six out of eighteen units, previously ordered in July 2022, ahead of schedule. These units are to replace the ones designated for .

The French Senate has expressed concerns regarding the delayed aid to Ukraine, stressing that such delay should not be experienced by other countries of the former USSR. Armenia, in particular, was highlighted as it faces threats from Azerbaijan.

has pledged military aid to Armenia. This aid encompasses operational training, the upgrading of the Armenian forces, and the provision of Mistral 3 air-to-air missiles for air .

The Armenian Army recently received 24 Bastion armored vehicles from France. These units were originally assigned to Ukraine. An additional shipment of 26 vehicles is anticipated in the near future.

French Senate's Proposals

The French senators have proposed that the CAESAr artillery systems should be supplied to the Armenian Army as well. But it's worth noting that Armenia has already placed an order for MArG 155 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers with the Indian group Bharat Forge Kalyani Group.

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The senators have also suggested that France's support should extend to other former Soviet republics moving away from and restructuring their defence systems to meet standards. Moldova and Georgia were specifically named in this context.

France's backing, according to the senators, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the independence of these nations.

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