Is Space the New Frontier for Maritime Operations?

Navigating the vast expanses of the sea has just taken an interesting turn with the partnering with CNES to exploit space technology for enhanced maritime operations.

Space Technology in Maritime Operations

The Naval Group's recent collaboration with CNES, the French government's space agency, marks a significant step towards integrating space technology into naval and maritime safety. The underlines the significance of space as a part of its strategy to command “information superiority.” This strategy seeks to diversify data gathering sources by drawing on the resources of the private space sector.

Existing Collaborations

Collaboration with the private space sector is not something new for the French Navy. It has a standing collaboration with a French company, Unseenlabs. They utilize nano-satellites to detect ships' electromagnetic signals. This partnership with CNES will further bolster this trend as they aim to integrate more satellite-derived data into naval operations.

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Stealth and Security in Naval Operations

One of the main projects the Naval Group and CNES will undertake pertains to a ship's discretion concerning satellite observations. The ability to operate without detection by satellites is a key factor for effective naval operations. The potential use of lasers to disable intrusive satellites is under consideration.

Exploiting CNES’s Expertise

Naval Group plans to take full advantage of CNES's expertise in various fields for enhanced maritime operations. These fields include intelligent routing technology, geolocation, water and sea state analysis, automation, satellite communication, and signal security.

Adapting to the Space Influence

The crux of this partnership is to adapt to the increasing influence of the space sector on maritime operations. With space technology playing an ever-increasing role in different industries, naval operations aren't an exception. This partnership marks a significant step towards harmonizing maritime operations with the advancements in the space sector.

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