Unveiling the Thrills of the 3rd Fighter Wing’s High-Flying Adventures

Unveiling The Thrills Of The 3rd Fighter Wing's High Flying Adventures

Get immersed in the high-paced world of the 3rd Fighter Wing; from its deployment to Cazaux for its annual air-ground firing campaign to its adventurous experimentation with new concepts. There’s never a dull moment here. An impressive fleet of 26 Mirage 2000D from the 3rd Fighter Wing was dispatched to Cazaux for its yearly air-ground … Read more

Uncover What’s Hidden: Strategic Moves by French Military in Estonia

Uncover What's Hidden: Strategic Moves By French Military In Estonia

Reinforcing the French military assets in Estonia under NATO’s Lynx mission, Griffon multi-role armored vehicles (VMBR) have been deployed. Having previously served in Sahel for Operation Barkhane, these vehicles are part of the SCORPION program. Getting to Estonia The journey to Estonia was marked by the arrival of at least six Jaguar armored reconnaissance and … Read more

Waves of Fear Rising in Red Sea: Houthi’s Undeterred Rebellion Strikes Back

Waves Of Fear Rising In Red Sea: Houthi's Undeterred Rebellion Strikes Back

The maritime traffic in the Red Sea has recently been witnessing a downtick in the intensity and frequency of attacks from Yemen’s Houthi rebels in the early half of April. However, a sudden surge in these atrocities post Iran’s assault on Israel on April 14 has raised concerns about the potential extension of these threats … Read more

Italy Charges into Action: Second SAMP/T Air Defense for Ukraine Incoming!

Italy Charges Into Action: Second Sampt Air Defense For Ukraine Incoming!

In a bold move to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities, Italy is gearing up to provide a second SAMP/T air defense system. This comes as a much-needed response to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s plea for additional defenses to fend off Russian missile attacks. Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security … Read more

Switzerland’s Unexpected .2 billion Air Defense Plan

Switzerland's Unexpected Dollar1.2 Billion Air Defense Plan

Switzerland, known for its neutrality, is pushing forward with plans to enhance its air defense systems, focusing on medium-range ground-to-air capabilities. A .2 billion deal has been confirmed with the U.S for the purchase of five Patriot firing units and GEM-T type missiles. This move is a part of a larger plan to swiftly address … Read more

The Black Sword Barracuda, a proposal by Naval Group, has been chosen by the Dutch Ministry of Defense and Royal IHC for their WRES program. This program is designed to replace four Walrus-type submarines at a projected cost of around 2.5 billion euros. The proposal outperformed the likes of Damen and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), … Read more

Unseenlabs: Revolutionizing Surveillance with Satellite Tech?

Unseenlabs: Revolutionizing Surveillance With Satellite Tech

Established in 2015, Unseenlabs is a French enterprise renowned for its expertise in satellite-based radio frequency detection. The company has been turning heads, particularly the Directorate General of Armament’s (DGA), with its innovative focus on maritime surveillance via satellite radio frequency detection. Unseenlabs’ Nanosatellite Technology The firm leverages an array of 13 “nanosatellites” to enable … Read more

Shocking Upgrade: The French Marine’s NH-90 Helicopters are getting a major boost

Shocking Upgrade: The French Marine's Nh 90 Helicopters Are Getting A Major Boost

Un amélioration significative est en cours pour les hélicoptères NH-90 Caïman de la Marine nationale française. Ils vont voir leurs capacités de détection sous-marine renforcées grâce à plusieurs innovations. Fruit de l’innovation de l’AEROLab L’avancement notable est l’oeuvre de l’AEROLab. Cette cellule de l’aéronautique navale est spécialisée dans l’innovation et a été chargée de cette … Read more

Unbelievable! Lightning-Fast Remote-Operated Munition Unveiled

Unbelievable! Lightning Fast Remote Operated Munition Unveiled

EOS Technologie, a French company, has recently disclosed details about their latest offering, the Veloce 330. This remote-operated munition can clock speeds up to 400 km/h, creating a buzz within the defense industry. The Colibri and Larinae Projects In 2022, the French Directorate General of Armaments, also known as DGA, initiated two remote-operated munition projects … Read more

Unveiling the Futuristic Armed Combat: New MGCS Project Breakthroughs

Unveiling The Futuristic Armed Combat: New Mgcs Project Breakthroughs

Progress is being made in the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) project, with French and German manufacturers reaching a significant agreement. A recent restructuring of the program and a focus on the needs of the armies have facilitated this development. Previously, the MGCS project faced roadblocks due to disagreements on technological choices and imbalances brought … Read more