Why France’s Tanks are Better: The Words of a High Rank Military

Why France's Tanks Are Better: The Words Of A High Rank Military

Le général Pierre Schill, chef d’état-major de l’armée de Terre, a mis en lumière le sujet du futur char de combat. Il a évoqué les désavantages des chars russes en Ukraine et ceux israéliens lors des attaques du Hamas en octobre 2021. La question de l’utilisation tactique des chars Le Général Schill a souligné que … Read more

Exposed: French Military’s Critical Equipment Shortage!

Exposed: French Military's Critical Equipment Shortage!

The French Senate recently voiced concerns over the availability of certain key military equipment. A detailed analysis of this issue reveals some interesting facts, earning further consideration. A Closer Look at Army Equipment Availability The primary concern raised by the Senate relates specifically to the insufficient availability of the Leclerc tanks. The availability percentage of … Read more

Why Is Kazakhstan Eyeing Rafale Fighter-Bombers From France?

Why Is Kazakhstan Eyeing Rafale Fighter Bombers From France

Reports are circulating that Kazakhstan may be looking to purchase Rafale fighter-bombers from France. However, this would represent a significant shift in Kazakhstan’s military doctrine, which has traditionally favored Russian military equipment. French President Macron has recently voiced his support for stronger ties between France and Kazakhstan. He has applauded Kazakhstan’s decision not to follow … Read more

The Shocking Truth: Why France Hastens CAESAr Production

The Shocking Truth: Why France Hastens Caesar Production

Nexter, a French manufacturer, is boosting the production of the CAESAr, a truck outfitted with a 155mm artillery system. The French Army received six out of eighteen units, previously ordered in July 2022, ahead of schedule. These units are to replace the ones designated for Ukraine. The French Senate has expressed concerns regarding the delayed … Read more

Spain Shells Out Whopping 500 Million Euros for SIRTAP Drones!

Spain Shells Out Whopping 500 Million Euros For Sirtap Drones!

The Spanish government has officially signed a hefty 500 million euro deal with Airbus for the procurement of 17 SIRTAP tactical drones. A decision which marks a significant milestone in the country’s defense sector. The SIRTAP program had received the green light from Spain in April. The new SIRTAP unmanned aircraft are set to replace … Read more

Is Space the New Frontier for Maritime Operations?

Is Space The New Frontier For Maritime Operations

Navigating the vast expanses of the sea has just taken an interesting turn with the Naval Group partnering with CNES to exploit space technology for enhanced maritime operations. Space Technology in Maritime Operations The Naval Group’s recent collaboration with CNES, the French government’s space agency, marks a significant step towards integrating space technology into naval … Read more

Unveiling the Future: João II, the World’s First Drone-Carrying Vessel

Unveiling The Future: Joao Ii The World's First Drone Carrying Vessel

The Portuguese Navy is making waves in the maritime world by commissioning a new, state-of-the-art multipurpose vessel. The Vessel – João II The vessel, christened João II, pays tribute to the King who played a pivotal role in promoting Atlantic exploration and maritime innovation. The Dutch company, Damen, is entrusted with its design and construction … Read more

Shocking: The French Navy’s Deteriorating Fighter Fleet!

Shocking: The French Navy's Deteriorating Fighter Fleet!

Exposing the French Navy’s ambition to update its aging Rafale M fighter-bombers, this article offers a deep dive into modern military aviation. Yet, the next-generation combat aircraft, eagerly awaited by the Navy, will not be operational until 2040 at the earliest. A long wait for the force eyeing to replace its worn fleet. 2024-30 Military … Read more

Why France Might Be In Danger Without Heavy Transport Helicopters

Why France Might Be In Danger Without Heavy Transport Helicopters

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has recently addressed the question of the non-acquisition of heavy transport helicopters (HTL) in the French Army. The question came from a Member of Parliament who noted the lack of such assets compared to France’s allies. Lack of Heavy Transport Helicopters The absence of HTL was criticized in … Read more

“Wave of Fear: Revolutionary Super Sonic Strike Missile in the Making”

Germany and Norway are in the early stages of creating a revolutionary supersonic anti-ship missile known as the Super Sonic Strike Missile [3SM] Tyrfing. Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram of Norway has made the announcement about this ambitious project. The missile development is being spearheaded by a prominent Norwegian collective, Kongsberg. With an anticipated completion … Read more